So… I’m done

For now at least, I’m done trying to talk my DH into trying again… I say yes he says no.. It sucks but no wins. It doesn’t make it any better to make myself cry over it over and over again. I made this decision a few days ago… I have been sadder then ever before for those last few days. Probably because I am choking on the words I want to say, but it is unfair to say them and hurt my husband time and time again.

I got my ultrasound pictures today finally.. 4 pages of them.. He was really real. Even sleeping he was the sweetest thing ever. I’m sad but so very glad I finally got those pictures of my boy. They are all I get to have.

I am done with birth control I think… I have been on the pill for 2 weeks.. I have had 2 weeks of breakthrough bleeding WTF is the point of the damn pill then?? So fucking over it. I will finish this month but I’m unsure if I will continue it next month. IDK?

So I’m done.. done with the pill and done trying to make my hubby understand why I so badly need and want to try again.. Whatever


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