I think I am getting sick now.. Hubby just got over a NASTY stomach bug. Since this morning I’m crampy, I have a headache and I’m nauseous and just miserable.

I think this is gods way of laughing in my face. I started taking the pill yesterday and started bleeding (breakthrough bleeding) but it came on like a full fledged period. FML. I wish my doctor had bothered to tell me a damn thing about anything. I am just so over this shit already. I guess the nausea could just be from the pill.. I don’t even know anymore.I don’t usually take more than a Tylenol every once in a while so  guess my body could just be trying to acclimate to the hormones..

Oh had my follow up with the doctor.. I wish I hadn’t gone. He is an ass hat who doesn’t care.. He assumed I had  a D&C I guess he didn’t care enough to look at my chart. He didn’t bother to ask how I was feeling. He was in and out of the room in 5 min. I didn’t even have a chance to ask about anti depressants. Is that normal? I don’t usually go to follow up appointments. Not for postpartum or anything. I don’t like doctors and there is just one more reason to avoid them in the future. I’m also not happy with the office.. When I called on 3/19 to make my appointment I asked if they could get me a copy of one of my ultrasound pictures.. That’s all I want one picture, I don’t get to have my baby shouldn’t I be able to get one picture. So my appointment was 4/06 and they didn’t have my picture. I had to leave the office broken heart-ed and empty handed one more time. With promises that they will mail them to me Thursday.  I’m not believing that they will remember.  I’m sick and tired and sad 😦 FML.


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