maybe not so dead

Maybe I won’t give this blog up for dead yet… I seriously need a fucking place to vent… Ok I have 4 children ages 1o to 3 I am a stay at home mom. But I am not a fucking maid. Nor do I sit on my ass all day with nothing to do but the laundry dishes and cooking. Taking care of our kids takes some actual work. Dear husband… I am behind on the fucking laundry… I am always behind on the goddamn fucking laundry.. If you tell me you are running low on any item of clothing I will make it a priority to get it washed… If you tell me WHILE you are getting dressed though you are SHIT OUTTA LUCK. And by the way I don’t need the passive aggressive  “well I thought you did laundry this week” shit. Yes I did some laundry but we spent most of our WEEKEND (because he was off thursday and it is monday so not a fucking week yet) outside… And guess what … I can’t do the laundry when we are outside.. The 3 year old doesn’t want to come inside so mommy can switch the fucking laundry. Oh and guess what I actually run around and do things with our kids so when we get inside I am tired! then even when you are home and I ask your lazy ass sitting on the computer to help you give me shit about “they don’t go to bed for me” so if you can’t do that at least carry a mother fucking laundry basket down the stairs for me every once in a while… I’m fucking tired.


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    Angelia Sims said,

    I hate it when comments like that set me off. I go pretty bug eyed. That’s like saying what did YOU do all day? And I’m not even a stay at home mom and it makes me mad.

    I think blogging is a good thing! Certainly lets you get rants out. Laundry and dishes are a NEVER ENDING job. Exhausting for sure!

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      bethcandco said,

      It sucks that’s for sure! It doesn’t happen often but when it does… Look out! I have another blog that I update often and it is all nicey nicey and squeaky clean because it is all about my kids for my parents and in-laws and other assorted family. I started this one for me and just neglected it so much. I’m not sure I’m liking wordpress… It is different from blogger… But I may not let this blog die after all.. It is my safe place LOL

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