the end

I think this blog is at it’s end. I started it so that I could talk about things other than my kids and being a mom. Lately I have come to realize that my kids and being a mom are my life… There is no me past my kids and hubby. It is sort of depressing. But when I think about it before I was a mom, I was a highschool student (and both of those for a while) when I was a highschooler I worked at a daycare for special needs children and they were my kids. I loved those kids with all my heart. Before that I was a lost soul.

I am a caregiver, a chef, a lover, a medic, a healer of broken hearts, the accountant, a tutor, a preschool teacher, a maid, a nutritionist, an activities coordinator, a referrer, a parole officer, a friend and so it continues. And so it will continue, for the most part this makes me happy. At the moment  I am a little sad but life will go on and things will be ok.


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