Woot, woot!!!!

First let me say if you’ve never visited a a little site called woot.com, you should! Right now!! I love me some woot! Woot is a deal a day website offering all sorts of goodies for super discounted prices. Now my love of woot stems from the woot off, which means once a month (or whenever they feel like it) they start off the day with one item when that ends they put up a new item, over and over sometimes for several days until everything is gone! It is like online crack!!! Highly addictive and takes all your money haha :). They other day they started a woot off and lucky for me we have 2 little ones having birthdays soon… We got a whole bunch of stuff. Crap we didn’t know we needed until the woot gods told us we did! well Boy #1 is almost done, and girl #1 is also done. Yayyy Online shopping ROCKS! Some of the stuff we bought… not even sure what we are going to do with it… a box of rain forest animals… hmmm… 3 shark fossil digging kits…. I’m excited to get the disney mix max (scored it for $10) Nathaniel will be excited!  I almost got a roomba… and a dyson… I really wanted the dyson until I found out that it is the smaller version.. and I remembered that my dyson still works fine! hehe.. when I decided I didn’t need the dyson (aka it sold out) Then I saw the roomba and I wanted it.. I wanted it bad….. and then I remembered my dyson is still good… Yeah the dyson sitting right in front of me….It is 5 years old and still runs great… But it is an ugly yellow ….and the roomba was pretty and new and blue… and the dyson (on woot) Oh so pretty and white and cute!.. Yeah I’m a horrible impulse shopper so what!! (hence why we are getting 3 sets of rechargeable batteries and almost got some flush lights!) So all hail the woot goods! Thank you for shairing the woot off with us!!!!!!!!! (BTW if I pray to woot can I pleaseeeeee get a bag of crap next time?????)


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