MTV’s Teen mom…

Ok I don’t usually talk about TV. I don’t watch much, I would much rather eat chocolate, pretend to be crafty, read other peoples blogs and spy on other people via facebook… I’m nosy like that! But recently I watched season 1 of 16 and pregnant and season 1 of Teen mom on MTV via hulu.. (because we no longer have cable boo!).

Maybe it is because I was there, or what ever but this series hit me hard.. Boy #1 is turning 10 and 10 years ago I was 16 and pregnant and then 17 with a baby. Thanks to my parents I made it through. I can only hope that I never treated my parents like Farrah treats her mom.. Toxic relationship.. no more to say. Amber is a whiny little brat! Maci, good girl. I was there hi single mother hood sucks balls. Love that little boy with all your heart. Love and appreciate your parents. Love will find you and wrap you and Bentley in a big bear hug one day. I promise.

Catelynn… What to say, she and Tyler are my hero’s. I didn’t have the strength or guts to do what they did. They are some amazingly strong, wonderful, and mature people. Every so often I think about what life would have been like if I had made that sacrifice.. But I can’t imagine my life being any different ever. My boy has been my world since day one and I can’t imagine it being changed.

One thing bugged me about the show. I know it was done to show real life and dissuade teens from parenthood. But every other line seemed to be, “I see how much I’m missing” “I miss being a teen”… yadda yadda yadda.. I don’t remember ever once saying that. Maybe it was because I was umm.. not un-liked but I didn’t have many friends in high school. I had plenty of acquaintances. But not many friends.. And I was ok with that. So when people started drifting away from me, That was fine, I had more important things to do.  I had a baby shower but only 2 friends showed up.. and left pretty quickly. I understood, really who wants to be friend with a 16 year olf pregnant girl.. walking stigma! seriously. But yeah back to topic. I never remember thinking or talking about what I was missing I was all about being in the moment. I was Mama and I have loved it ever since (doesn’t mean I don’t need a nap sometimes though).

But this series made me pull out papers journals and relive my own history as a teen mom… It was sad and I cried and I laughed too. Lets say It was a ride. Parts of it were bumpy parts were smooth. But we are still chugging along and it has all been worth it.

Sending love to all the mama’s young, or older, or in between. We are all on the motherhood train together..

BTW. That last line … fucking corny, no clue were it came from… but I’ll leave it any ways! LOL


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