I LOVE to read.

I was an odd child and as a preteen I didn’t ask to go to the mall I wanted to go to the library. I would spend hours at the library looking for new books and rereading favorites. I love anything from non fiction biographies to fiction sci-fie , and vampire horror books. I also like gasp”sex” books. ha I say sex because I’m not really into sappy sweet romance novels,  but anything with either a vampire or were wolves and I’m all over that :). And yes I have read the Twilight books… eh. I prefer the Sookie Stackhouse  True Blood series. Or anything by Anne Rice.

I absolutely Love our Sony  Reader. I love how easy it is to take so many books with us anywhere! I also love that you can now check out e-books from the library!!!! how cool is that. I also love that  they have a bargain book section on the Sony library and they occasionally off free books! Within the past few weeks I’ve read Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur. That was a very good book that i plan on reading the rest of the series! Also Changelings (The Twins of Petaybee book 1) By Anne McCaffery. I really enjoyed this one as a very… “innocent” (by my terms at least LOL) story. Boy #1 is turning 10 in march and will be receiving his very own Sony reader, this will be one of the book on it for him! Right now I’m reading Wit’ch Fire by James Clemens. Wow is this a good book.. I also plan on purchasing the rest of this series! Yay! I love books. and while sometimes i just want to hold and read a real book I also love our Sony reader.


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    Jenny said,

    I’ve never tried one of those yet but they look like so much fun! I’ve really been wondering how different it would feel from reading a regular book. And while we’re on the subject, I also wonder if Anne Rice’s new video book is gonna be made available for e-readers. Saw the article from infloox and it made me really curious about it.

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      bethcandco said,

      I love our e-reader and so does my husband (we occasionally fight over who gets to read it LOL). I love how easy it is to carry your whole library with you especially if you travel. There is the whole sensory experience of flipping the pages and holding the actual book that you may miss sometimes. But on the plus side you can increase the size of the text and if you are like me and get so caught up in a book that you can’t put it down and then end up falling asleep reading it has a bookmark (and you can have a ton of book marks) or it can go right back to the last page you read. I also love that the Sony readers use e-ink technology and that in appearance it looks like you are reading a page book. It doesn’t look like a computer screen, It doesn’t have the glare issue because it reflects like paper. Also I have noticed that you don’t have the eye strain problems like you would reading on a computer all day :). Oh and I mentioned boy #1 is getting one for his birthday. The new readers are way to expensive for a 10 year old, but if you go to they have an outlet and they occasionally have refurbished readers with a price cut!
      I promise I just really like ours 🙂 I gave my mom the same talk pretty much (she loves hers).

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