Hello world!

And here is my first blog on a brand new spanking clean blog. Yay.

Pretty sad that I start this and get writers block. Well I guess tonight there just isn’t too much to be said. Man I suck… Wow ok now that is out of my system. Ok I want to use this blog as a starting place, a jumping point if you will. I would love at some point in my life to be a writer… One day maybe,  Unfortunately for me as soon as I get a great idea I end up with a massive case of writers block and then the shit rolls… seriously I have problems communicating ideas with out the occasional use of curse words… I have tried and tried to clean up my mouth you know saying fudge or frick instead of fuck but that doesn’t always get the point across. I know I’m a horrible mom. Oh well. Ha. Yup. Um….. now I lost my train of thought again.. and that was completely random. welcome to my world baby hope I don’t scare you away to fast!


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