Yup I said it boobs… I don’t understand them… At all. Really I learned in health class that girls stop growing when they are what 16-18 years old right? Well then why the hell are my boobs still growing??? I’m frickin 27 years old. I understand the whole pregnant nursing changes your body  ALOT!  I have been pregnant and or nursing for the last 7 years… Yeah I’m one of those attachment parenting extended nursers. I nursed my second boy for 3 years at that point his sister was 6 months old. I nursed girl #1 until just months before she turned 3, and girl #2 was then almost 1. Girl #2 just weaned shortly before Christmas and her birthday is tomorrow… Now after all of that I was hoping my boobs would get smaller… Yeah no luck … Since girl #2 weaned I have gone UP 2 flipping sizes… What the fuck? really…. I have gone from a nice c to a my back fucking hurts DD… Fuck!

BTW: I only nursed Boy #1 for 6 weeks and then he was on formula so I have absolutely no hate for Formula mama’s 🙂


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