A few of my favorite things

There are a few thing I can absolutely call my favorites (aside from my kids and my hubby yuck mushy girl stuff)

#3 is probably dark chocolate. Yum.  I Love chocolate either plain or with something else. any kind of chocolate too but my favorite is dark chocolate. seriously just writing this I am getting hungry… yeah I can do chocolate at 7:50 am… That might be why my pants don’t fit anymore though…

#2 is sleep. Seriously I would sleep all day if I could (or at least all morning). Sleeping is one of the best things…. I really hate mornings… yeah but my love of sleep brings me to my #1 favorite.

#1 is coffee… Because I can’t sleep all day (my girls insist on getting up at 6 am every morning). Not just  any coffee either it Has to be Folgers….  I’m not sure if it is because my parents drank Folgers or because it is a very smooth coffee.  My all time favorite is a toss-up between the Breakfast blend and the french vanilla. Yum… And now I’m off to make some coffee (breakfast blend this morning). Thank you for waking me up Folgers!


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